Spaghetti bolognese
Spaghetti bolognese

Spaghetti bolognese is one of the most famous Italian dishes that become popular thanks to its bright palette of tastes, nutritious and easy to cook.

Spaghetti SchedroTM
400 г
Extra virgin olive oil
60 ml
Celery stalk
Minced beef
400 g
to taste

Ground black pepper
to taste
Red dry wine
50 ml (is desired)
Fresh tomatoes
1 kg or passata – 700 ml
Dried basil
5 g or a bundle of fresh basil
Dried oregano
5 g
Red hot pepper
to taste
Parmesan cheese
to taste

Спагеті болоньєзе, інгредієнти
Best paired with:

1. Riparosso, Illuminati Dino, Abruzzo
2. Langhe Dolcetto Colombe, Renato Ratti, Piemonte

Step 1

Finely dice the onion, finely grate carrots and celery.

Спагеті болоньєзе, інгредієнти
Step 2

Finely dice the onion, finely grate carrots and celery.

Спагеті болоньєзе, приготування
Step 3

Add minced beef to vegetables, stir to avoid lumps. Season with salt and pepper. Fry for 5 minutes, pour wine, stew for a few minutes, stirring frequently.

Спагеті болоньєзе, приготування
Step 4

Add skinless and diced fresh tomatoes or passata to minced beef with vegetables. Stir until smooth, bring to a boil and stew covered over low heat for 40 minutes. It is recommended that you stir frequently and, if needed, pour water to make the ragu juicy. When the sauce is ready, add chopped greens.

Спагеті болоньєзе, приготування
Step 5

Boil spaghetti SchedroTM in salted water al dente (cooking time is specified on the package).

Спагеті болоньєзе, приготування
Step 6

Combine boiled spaghetti with the sauce and mix. Best served on a hot plate. Sprinkle parmesan (to taste).

Спагеті болоньєзе
Bon appetit!

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