Creamy garlic shrimp spaghetti

This Italian food is delicate and quite easy to cook. Seafood makes the dish rich, low in calories and healthy, thanks to protein and minerals content. To cook spaghetti with shrimp in creamy sauce, you have to choose the right main ingredient. It is possible to use fresh or frozen shrimp. It is recommended that you buy shrimp in a shell and peel them right before cooking.

Spaghetti SchedroTM
400 g
300 g
Extra virgin olive oil
50 g
2 cloves
30 g
to taste
Ground black pepper
to taste
White dry wine (optional)
50 ml
Whole-milk cream
200 ml
1 sprig (for decoration)
Best paired with:

Best paired with:
1. Pinot G.CH.delle Venezie Essere, Gerardo Cesari
2. Sauvignon Collio, Tenuta Borgo Conventi

Step 1

Devein shrimp. Heat olive oil in a pan and add the pressed garlic. Fry the garlic for a few minutes until it gives off its aroma, and then remove it. If desired, you may add onion, finely chop and fry the onion until turns golden brown. Add butter.

Step 2

Put shrimp in a pan, season with salt and black pepper to taste, cook over medium heat for 5-7 minutes. If desired, you may add wine and let it evaporate for a few minutes. Keep some shrimp to decorate the ready dish

Step 3

Add the cream, stew for 10 minutes over low heat to thicken the sauce and make it smooth.

Step 4

Cook spaghetti SchedroTM in salted water al dente (cooking time is specified on the package).

Step 5

Combine boiled spaghetti with the shrimp sauce in a pan and mix.

Step 6

Best served hot on a warm plate. It is recommended that you decorate the dish with kept shrimps and finely chopped parsley.

Bon appetit!