Spaghetti alio, olio and peperonchino

Spaghetti alio, olio and peperonchino – garlic, oil and pepper – one of the easy-to-cook and most popular dishes of Italian cuisine. The name perfectly matches the ingredients of the dish. The heat of pimiento, the rich taste of olive oil and the garlic aroma, make this simple dish more delicate.


Organic Spaghetti SchedroTM

400 g


3 cloves

Fresh red hot pepper (for example, chilies)

1-2 pcs.

or dry peppers in flakes

1 spoon

Extra virgin olive oil

70 ml


to taste

Fresh parsley

3 sprigs

Спагеті аліо оліо, інгредієнти
Best paired with:

1. Negroamari Primitivo, Puglia, Canti
2. Cent’Are Bianco, Carlo Pellegrino

Step 1

Peel and remove the core of garlic, then chop it. Remove seeds from the hot red pepper and finely chop into 2-4 mm pieces. Pour olive oil in a saucepan and leave over low heat, then add garlic and sauté stirring, then add red pepper and leave for 2 minutes so that the garlic and pepper give off the aroma. Season with salt to taste. When the garlic starts to turn golden brown, remove from fire and add fresh finely chopped parsley if desired (parsley should not change the color).

Спагеті аліо оліо, приготування
Step 2

Cook organic spaghetti SchedroTM in salted water al dente (cooking time is specified on the package).

Спагеті аліо оліо, приготування
Step 3

Combine boiled spaghetti sauce in a saucepan and mix well. Warm up for a few minutes. You may add a bit of spaghetti cooking water if the dish seems dry.

Спагеті аліо оліо, приготування
Step 4

Best served on a hot plate. Decorate with the leaves of parsley, if desired

Спагеті аліо оліо
Bon appetit!

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